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Program Booklet

On check-in, every participant of GAP.7 will receive a printed conference booklet containing the program as well as all abstracts and other relevant information.

Plenary Talks

There will be four plenary talks. The GAP is pleased to announce that the following philosophers have accepted the invitation of the Society:

Ansgar Beckermann
Wolfgang Künne (Frege-Award)
Mark Sainsbury (Dialectica Lecture)
Jay Wallace


All talks in the colloquia will be given by invited speakers. There will be the following six colloquia with two to three talks per colloquium.

  • Wozu Philosophiegeschichte? Das Beispiel des Aristoteles
    Responsible: Ulrich Nortmann, Christof Rapp
    Speakers: Alan Code, Ulrich Nortmann, Christof Rapp
    Language: Deutsch/Englisch
  • Wissenschaft und Philosophie für eine komplexe Welt
    Responsible: Manfred Stöckler
    Speakers: Stefan Bornholdt, Stephan Hartmann, Meinard Kuhlmann, Thomas Lux
    Language: Deutsch
  • Evolution and Morality
    Responsible: Tatjana Tarkian, Marcel Weber
    Speakers: Jason McKenzie Alexander, Shaun Nichols, Stephen Stich
    Language: Englisch
  • Neuro-Enhancement: The Natural as a Value?
    Responsible: Dagmar Borchers, Saskia Nagel
    Presentation: Bettina Schöne-Seifert
    Speakers: John Dupré, Bill Fulford, Dieter Birnbacher
    Language: Englisch
  • Nominalistic Theories of Properties
    Responsible: Ralf Busse, Hans Rott, Benjamin Schnieder
    Speakers: Thomas Hofweber, Joseph Melia, N.N.
    Language: Englisch
  • Relativism about Truth
    Responsible: Alex Burri, Hans Rott
    Speakers: Garcia Carpintero, Max Kölbel
    Language: Englisch

In addition, there will be a colloquium in honor of the winner of the Frege-Award, Wolfgang Künne. Here the invited speakers are Paul Boghossian and Kevin Mulligan.


Each section-talk will be 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes time for discussion. There will be the following eight sections:

  • Logic and Philosophy of Science
  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Metaphysics and Ontology
  • Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, and Social Philosophy
  • Normative Ethics, Metaethics, Philosophy of Action and Decision-Making
  • Aesthetics and Philosophy of Religion


After the conference, there will be two workshops to GAP.7:
  • "Reductionism, Explanation and Metaphors in the Philosophy of Mind" (organized by Albert Newen and Raphael van Riel)
  • "Studying the Mind: Analytic Philosophy, Phenomenology, and Cognitive Science" (organized by Miriam Kyselo and Sven Walter)

The workshops are autonomous events for which you have to register separately. Details and contact information can be obtained on the respective webpages or directly from the organizers.